Executive Learning

“I asked an indifferent copywriter what books he had read about advertising. He told me that he had not read any, he preferred to rely on his own intuition. ‘Suppose’, I asked, ‘your gall-bladder has to be removed this evening. Will you choose a surgeon who has read some books on anatomy and knows where to find your gall-bladder, or a surgeon who relies on his intuition? Why should our clients be expected to bet millions of dollars on your intuition?”

                                                              -David Ogilvy (1983), Ogilvy on Advertising.


Our Model

Ex Learn


Executive Learning Programmes

Strategic Thinking & Building Long Term Plans

Marketing & Business Strategy for SME Owners
Professional Marketing for Non MBAs

Strategic Brand Management

Adopting Product Management Approach

Low Cost Brand Building
How to conduct market research?
Become Informed Users of Market Research


One day workshops

SWAGYAN : Workshop on ‘How should organisations identify Strengths, Weakness & Avenues for Improvement?’

Branch Level Strategic Management for Banks

Developing Actionable Mission & Vision 
Market Dynamics
Product Positioning – The Key for Success
Product Design that sells itself
What & where to communicate to attract customers?
Systematic Approach to Marketing & Sales Performance Review
How to identify& evaluate new business opportunities?
Creating Industry Profiles using Secondary Research
Designing questionnaires & other research instruments
How to measure market size?
How to analyse market research data?