Visiting Strategist 

“The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”
– Thomas Edison, quoted in The Economic Times, 7th July 2015, edit page.


OUR MODELVisiting Strategist Modified

Most MNCs & professionally managed large domestic organisations employ professionals as Head of Marketing or Business Strategy who combine top class conceptual skills with deep practical insights. Such people are generally educated at premier institutes. In today’s competitive era Start-ups and SMEs also need such expertise but not on daily basis. A smart way out can be to ‘pay for brain & not the body.’ This is what Visiting Strategist concept is all about. While in case of our consulting services we have a long term agreement, the Visiting Strategist option is issue based. You can avail Visiting Strategist services as & when required.

A Start Up or SME can avail Visiting Strategist services for

Brain storming about new product idea or concept
Business Model Evaluation
Packaging design brief preparation or evaluation
Target market selection Brain storming about positioning or branding
Brain storming about promotional campaign
Advertising copy brief preparation or evaluation
Product launch
Strategy formulation
Monthly / quarterly / annual sales performance review
Product or brand performance review
Strategy review
Interpretation of market research report
Entry into new market segment


For an Advertising Agency a Visiting Strategist can provide inputs related to

Precise definition of TG
Research based insights into consumer behviour & purchase triggers
Brand Concept, Identity & Promise
Positioning Strategy