Why Us?

As markets become competitive, businesses need to be managed in professional manner using modern management concepts. No wonder, most leading companies including top global consultancy firms hire graduates of top management institutes. These institutes teach their students to think systematically and find practical solutions to business problems. They do so by building their curriculum & teaching methodology on the foundations of strong scientific research. We at DELTA M Management R&D Lab keep track of latest management research & try to figure out what works & what doesn’t. Be it marketing or branding advice, market research methods, strategy formulation or executive learning, we attempt to base it on sound logic. Our working style involves

Systematic analysis using time tested frameworks & not just ‘gut feel’
~ Customised solutions & not ‘one size fit all’
~ Overall organisational capacity building and not just consulting 


What is DELTA M ?

Delta M_Logo

Delta’ is a Greek alphabet used as a mathematical symbol to denote ‘difference’

‘DELTA M’ stands for Making positive & measurable difference to marketing & management of the organisation.